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Sleep and meditation

Getting enough sleep is so important and peace and quiet can be pretty important too.  There are plenty of earplugs  out there to help block out unwanted noise but for most people none are comfortable to wear to a concert let alone for sleeping or meditation.  

The reason stock non--custom earplugs aren't comfortable for many if most people is because people tend to have either smaller ear canals or elongated oval shaped ear canals or both.  

Custom earplugs fit your ears perfectly and that makes them comfortable to wear for really long periods of time...even while sleeping.

Our custom earplugs cost much more than a stock pair of earplugs and are much better value! That's right! They cost as much as a modest night out but they last for years, the stay put plug your ears...THEY'RE COMFORTABLE! 

Yep! They're $70 a pair and yes...they worth every cent! There's a 30 day return, 100% money GLADLY given back guarantee! Which is to say, you will have a whole month to sleep with them before committing....or not. 

Of course, you can use custom earplugs for a lot of other things like....      


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