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people have trusted Us to protect their hearing for 20 years

LOUd hobbies


Loud hobbies like shooting and woodworking will  cause permanent hearing loss and take away from the experience. Earmuffs are bulky and pure yuk in the heat. A custom-fit is a perfect fit! That means comfort! Everything else is just a hassle! See prices below!



We make floatable super comfortable custom-fit earplugs that are great for swimming and pretty much every other hearing protection need.

 See prices below! 

loud environments


Loud environments be they a sports event or day care can not be damaging to you hearing they can cause fatigue be extremely annoying. IT'S NOISE POLLUTION and it's bad for you. Don't put up with it and don't put up with uncomfortable earplugs or bulky earmuffs when you can have comfort custom earplugs that will last you for years!   See prices below! 



Corded custom earplugs. Come with case. Just $70.00. Custom-Fit To Your Ears. Made In An Hour, Last For Years!

Available in other colors.

Custom im2 escapes


Sleek lower profile custom earplugs are great for wearing under a helmet, at a concert, loud sports events, party night, swimming, etc.  Just $70.00. Custom-Fit To Your Ears. Made In An Hour, Last For Years!  

 Available in other colors. 

Lab made - several options


Lab - made custom earplugs come in near endless color options. 28.1 dB. NRR. Just $125.00. Musician Filtered custom earplugs. Just $160.00. Takes about 2 to 3 weeks to receive.