Frequently Asked Questions

Do You make custom earplugs for?...


Loud Motor Sports,  Sporting Events, Shooting Sports, Motorcycle Riding, Loud Hobbies, 

Public Commuting, Autism & Aspergers, Loud Occupations, Concerts,Noisy Offices,

Digital & Programmable Hearing Enhancement, BTE Ear Molds, Swimming, Kitchens,

Sleeping/Meditation, Musicians/Entertainers, Portable Audio Players, Surfing, 

Shared Living, Airline Travel, Vacuuming, Lawn Mowing, Blocking Wind, Racing, 

Specialty 2-Way Communications, Aviation Ear Molds, Loud Neighbors, 

MRIs, Loud Crowds,  Animal Shelters, Sky Diving, Daycare Centers, Boot Camp,

YES! You Name It!!!

What is the process?


It starts with an making an appointment to have impressions made.  Custom earplugs require a good set of impressions and a good set of impressions are made from a skilled impressionist using otoblocks to protect eardrums from the impression material that is pressure syringed into the ears. It a completely painless and even pleasant experience that only takes about 20 minutes to make. After the impressions are made the earpluges are made from the impressions. One type of  custom earplugs is completed within an hour the other type must be sent to a lab and c an take up to 2 weeks but either way getting a pair of custom earplugs is well worth the time it takes!  

How Long Do They last?


Depending on how much they use d and what they are used for but in most cases, with the exception of the Insta Mold type which last an average of 3 years with nearly everyday, being used for about 8 hours, they will last  over 8 years or until your ears literally out grow them.  


All our hearing protection has a NRR rating between 28.5 up to 31 dB.  with the exception of the filtered and electronic which have  various different ratings.