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Hello and thank you for your interest in All Ears Hearing Products And Services

I am Gary (Kevin) Wolf, the owner of this Portland based, hearing conservation business and I've been in the field of hearing conservation since 1991. 

I started out as an audiometric  technician working for Industrial Hearing Services, (IHS), one of the first hearing conservation companies in the United States.


As an audiometric  technician for IHS I tested employee's hearing in a mobile, 3 booth, van and made custom earplugs at Oregon and Washington companies for 3 years. 

I then went on to be a scheduler for IHS before going to work for Miracle Ear and then starting my own business All Ears Hearing Products And Services in 1999.

Throughout my career, in addition to teaching/training, I've tested thousands of people's hearing and I've made thousands of ear impressions and sets of custom earplugs.

I've likely made more ear impressions than all the audiologist in Portland Oregon combined and I'm very good at making very good impressions which is what's required for a well-fitting, comfortable set of earplugs.  

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to help so many people protect what I feel is the most precious of their senses.    

To my knowledge, I/All Ears Hearing Products And Services offers the most extensive/largest variety of custom hearing protection options in the Northwest. One such product is the earplugs made of material that has a great 50 year track record and has many desirable aspects to the custom earplugs I produce from it. Please read more about them below.

All in all, All Ears Hearing Products And Services has and always will offer more for less for the cause of hearing protecting/conservation.  

With my business I maintain a very low over head and pass the savings on to the people and companies that I serve because for me hearing conservation isn't just business...it is a cause. 

Just as when I named my business 'All Ears', be it testing, training or comfortable custom earplugs, my goal is to be able to affordably and comfortably protect all ears, or at least as many as possible. 

From products to services, experience to expense I've done and do everything I can to be your very best hearing conservation option/solution. 

I always welcome any question(s) you may have, After all I'm all ears and I hope to hear from you soon!  

A Bit about one type of custom earplugs i make

 I offer the best hearing protection, (comfort, compliance, cost savings), and I can prove it. 

All Ears custom earplugs fit perfectly, are comfortable, (better compliance), can only be worn the right way, they stay put and for occupational use they cost less than any other HP option!

All Day Comfort.

Proper Fit Every Time.

Stay Put.

Easy Care.

OSHA Compliant.

Up To 80% Savings vs. Stock Earplugs.

Last An Average of 3 Years @ 40 hours a week of use. Currently $60.00 a pair. 

Rated As High As The Highest Rated Earmuff Without The Bulk. 

Professionally Made At You Facility By An Expert With Over 25 Years of Experience!

Environmentally Sound, (Unlike Disposables), Wont Harm Wild Life.  

Best Price Guarantee! 

30 - Day Perfect Fit or Full Money Back Guarantee!

No Contract Required.

Can be made to accommodate radio input.

1000s of companies have made the switch to what I offer!

Made by a local American based business that will come to your location.

If your company is spending more than $1.50 per employee, per monthBIG​ COST SAVINGS!!!

My IM2 custom earplugs are rated at 29.8 Db. NRR. .

About Hearing Protection Noise Reduction Ratings.
I think it's important to point out that N.I.O.S.H. has concluded that, for occupational applications, the protection 
average of stock, in the ear, hearing protection with a stated 30-Db. NRR. is actually closer to 11 Db. NRR. . This conclusion sights a few factors including the way they are worn, ear canal size and shape and their tendency to work themselves loose.

Whereas, N.I.O.S.H. has concluded that custom earplugs, if made well, have an average of only about 2 Db. NRR. variance from the stated rating. 

Additionally, I assert, (as is evidenced by the fact that the highest rated hearing protection in the form of an earmuff is 30 Db. NRR.), that due to bone conduction... the absolute highest amount of hearing protection one could ever receive is between 30 to 31 Db. NRR. .

I'm Kevin and my business is ALL EARS HP&S, a local, American business that has been serving companies in the Portland area since 1999 and I'd like to have the opportunity serve yours! 

All Your Hearing Conservation Needs! 
I Offer State-of-The-Art Hearing Testing, Hearing Conservation Training and many other custom hearing protection options Too!

I do it right and I make it easy! Call me for more information or to set up a time for me to come, train, test and/or fit your employees.

Thank you!  

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A custom fit is a perfect fit - everything else is a hassle!

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